Bloom, Lovely Helps Redefine Beauty

On Thursday, I will be launching the Bloom, Lovely journals to the world! I have been working on these journals for months and so excited to finally make them available. (If you're wondering, you can get them here.)

Along the way, people have asked a lot of great questions, so here are some answers. 

The Story: 

This product was created by Ashley Crouch and a team of women entrepreneurs as a response to the problem. Ashley spent years in Manhattan in the fashion and media industry, working with models, photo shoots, at Fashion Week, pitching stories for press, and writing articles. In the process, she learned how limiting messages about beauty in the media sabotage women's self-esteem. She saw how a culture of fear has created competition amongst women and undermined their ability to forge strong relationships and celebrate, rather than begrudge, each others' talents. Her experience opened her eyes to the problem and gave her media literacy to combat her own body image issues.

But that wasn't enough. Head knowledge must convert to heart knowledge for life-changing results. Ashley wanted to create a product that would both education women, but be a fun, daily companion to remind women of their worth every single day. Incorporating her own proven techniques, and drawing from years of experience, she has created this product that will reach women where they are and help them feel beautiful, empowered, and equipped to live their best life every single day.


Q: Where did the name come from?

A: Bloom, Lovely was inspired by the concept that we are all lovely. I wanted to find new adjectives to describe women beyond “hot” “sexy” and other tired terms. Then, I wanted to encourage women to blossom, open, and radiate their true beauty from a heart free to love.

Q: How long is the journal?

A: Bloom, Lovely is a quarterly journal, so this one will be part I of IV. Each has approximately 100 pages, including 4 hand-lettered “mini-posters” with beauty quotes that you can remove, frame, and hang around your home for inspiration. 

Q: Are the pages dated? Do I have to start on a particular day?

A: No. The 4 journals will total 365 pages and many users may want to begin the process as a New Years Resolution. But, they are left intentionally open so that you can start the journey at any time during the year. They are synced with the app, but the goal is to allow you to start whenever you feel inspired without fear of missing the cutoff. Now is always the right time. 

Q: Is it faith-based? What are the sources for the quotes?

A: Bloom, Lovely collects quotes from over 300 thinkers, from Confucius to Audrey Hepburn, Taylor Swift to Aristotle. Users are accessing a collective body of wisdom, making it relatable to women of all backgrounds and faiths.

Q: Does it go with the Bloom, Lovely app? 

A: YES! The Bloom, Lovely journal is a companion for the Bloom, Lovely app, which is available FREE for iPhone and Android online. The quotes sync up, but the journals have a quick question for reflection and lined space to write your meditation for each day. 

Q: How do you know it will work? 

A: Lasting change happens through daily repetition over time. Scientific studies prove that individuals have the power to rewire the neuro-pathways of their brain through knowledge, conscious choice, and repetition. Over time, the Bloom, Lovely journal will be a fun way for women to change the way they think about themselves and redefine beauty. 

Q: Are there more cover designs? 

A: Bloom, Lovely is a quarterly journal. This is the first journal in the series and each one builds on the other. Each cover will be unique… stay tuned for more designs!

Q: Can I get a dedication written inside for a friend? 

A: Each Bloom, Lovely journal comes with a dedication, "This journal is dedicated to every woman who desires to be beautiful, that she may know she is." The first 100 buyers can request a hand-written note included. 

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: I'm working on it. If you want a journal and you live out of the country, please e-mail me: [email protected] (I've been getting requests from Mexico, Ireland, and Australia. 

Q: What age is most appropriate for the journals?

A: Every woman desires to be beautiful, no matter the age. But due to the thought-provoking questions, I feel these are best for girls ages 15+. They also make great gifts from mothers to daughters, or for both mothers and daughters to enjoy them together and build a legacy of positive affirmation. 

Q: I heard you helped launch Verily Magazine. How is this different? 

A: Verily is an online-only magazine that delivers content on a variety of topics every day. Bloom, Lovely is a print journal that addresses beauty with a quote and quick question for reflection every single day. It is designed to help you train your brain to think of beauty in healthier ways.